Come Back

Hey guys since long I haven’t post any thing on my blog ….let me correct my self basically after a post 😜… hope this time I will b frequent… Initially was very excited to startup this blog coz that time had no idea that in my blog something different or may be something useful or existing stuffs for my readers should have to be there so that they have something of their interest here. Few days back my MOM was yelling at me that now a days I have completely lost my interest from kitchen specially from cooking,though I am a very good cook (Apne muh Miya mitthu)😜😜 I know its hard to believe for new people who came into my life 😜but guys thats true,So I decided to spend at least an hour everyday in kitchen (just for you mom ). That’s how I fell in love with cooking once again and that love for cooking motivated me to again start writing on my blog. So here I am! Coming up with lots of recipes and yum yum food ideas Don’t know this time also I would be able to gain some audience for my blog or not..but anyway with new zeal I am reviving my blog. Wish me luck guys… Thanks 


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